25 September 2009

About the Programme

Kia ora and a very warm welcome to

‘Get With It... more Web 2.0 Technologies’

... a self-paced learning programme for North Shore Libraries staff that builds on the knowledge and skills gained from the NSL Learning 2.0 Programme. It explores how Web 2.0 is being used in libraries today and provides an opportunity for you to:

  • refresh your Web 2.0 skills and knowledge
  • have a look at what's new
  • understand how the web can be used to enhance our library service

The programme runs for 8 weeks from 14 June – 9 August 2010. There are 6 modules to work through at your own pace. You choose how much depth you go into with each topic (depending on previous knowledge, interest, time, etc).

Each module explores a different area of the web relevant to libraries today. By working through the modules you will:

  • get an understanding for the subject
  • find valuable resources
  • be able to practice and apply skills
  • pick up some tips and tricks to pass on to patrons
  • and maybe even experience be a few "aha" moments!

For some it might be an opportunity to look closer at something they are aware of but haven't had a chance to explore - while for others it may be a whole new learning curve!

Expect a time commitment of 25-30 hours to complete all 6 modules. While we would encourage you to complete all modules, there's no reason why you can't just do selected modules - especially if time (or motivation) is a problem.

A certificate will be awarded to those who complete the programme by 9 August.

More specific information - the when, where and why's - are detailed in How the Programme works.

You will need to register with the NSL Training Support team before you start this programme.

We hope you enjoy your learning journey!

NSL Training Support Team

Updated: 1 June 2010

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